Monday, August 8, 2011

A New Journey

     Another life journey has fallen in my hands, Friday afternoon I found myself being told I have Basal Cell Skin Cancer after taking a few minutes to just breathe and trying not to throw up, and a few days to process what I've been told, I needed an outlet to start to vent, and say how I'm feeling.
     At first and a little bit still I'm mad, I thought that I had my lot in life, I thought that I had been given enough challenges to get through, and prove that I am a strong woman. Now I realize there is no quotas on how many challenges you are going to have to face in life. I know I'm a strong woman, and I know I'll get through this, but it still is hard and it doesn't take long for the tears to fall when I think about it.
     So here I go finding some positives......If I was going to get something this is the best skin cancer to get, (if any is good)  they just remove the area, and monitor the skin with body checks. I have a wonderful friend that has gone through this with her sisters to be able to walk me through and help me use the best doctors in the area, not to mention she is so reassuring and comforting in this time. I'm working on finding more but it is hard.
     So lesson, make sure you wear sunscreen! Nothing but sunscreen and big floppy sunhats for me these days! Wish me luck as I start my new journey. Love to you all, Alisha

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